Iwata Revolution AR Airbrush

Iwata Revolution AR Airbrush

  • £125.00

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The Iwata Revolution airbrushes have the best performance and quality in their price range. They excel in all areas - the way they look, the way they handle, and especially the way they spray.

All parts are made to Iwata exacting standards of quality. The spray quality is superb for an airbrush of this price range and category, and one nozzle size does it all. An easily replaced PTFE solvent-proof needle packing, highly resistant to solvent based paints, ensures these airbrushes are totally suitable for those using solvent based automotive paints or hobby enamels. 

Although the Iwata Revolution Series are the entry-level of the Iwata range, they offer better durability, reliability, performance and control than top-of-the-range airbrushes in many other brands. Iwata Revolution airbrushes are the perfect balance between high quality and a tighter budget.

The Revolution AR is excellent for these applications:

  • Photo retouching
  • Nail Art

The Revolution AR features:

    • Gravity-feed with 1/32oz (0.9ml) body cavity
    • Dual-action
    • Internal-mix
    • 0.3mm nozzle
    • Fine detail to 1" (0.3mm to 25mm) spray pattern with the one size nozzle
    • Ergonomic handle design
    • Replaceable internal PTFE solvent-proof needle packing for use with solvent-based paints
    • Iwata quality and performance at a value price
  • You will also need:

    • Air source 
    • Air hose

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