Copic Ciao Marker 5+1 Sets

  • £24.99

Copic Ciao Marker 5+1 Sets
5 Copic Ciao Markers Plus 1 × 0.3mm Copic Multiliner for those all important outlines.
  • Bright Set Includes Y06, R27, B05, G05, 100.
  • Pastel Set Includes Y21, B60, G000, RV13, E95
  • Hues Set Includes B39, R35, Y17, G17, E35
  • Gray Tones Set Includes C1, C3, C5, C7, 100
  • Skin Tones Set Includes E43, V91, R20, R00, E00
  • Manga 1 Set Includes Y15, V06, B24, G17, E11
  • Manga 2 Set Includes E21, B45, BG49, B05, R59
  • Manga 3 Set Includes E71, E51, V12, RV34, G02
  • Manga 4 Set Includes YR00, E35, E04, YG91, BV02
  • Manga 5 Set Includes E51, R59, E29, 100, W3
  • Vampire Knights Set Includes E47, R59, YG67, E00, C3
Ciao Ciao Markers offer all the features of the Copic Sketch Marker, but in an economical size. They are available in 180 colours and featuring the same replaceable Super Brush and Medium Broad nib and refillable ink, the Ciao matches the Sketch in every area of quality for a lower price.
COPIC ciao „5+1“-sets were presented collectively as an absolute product novelty causing quite a bit of enthusiasm. Each set contains 5 COPIC ciao markers while the „+1“ stands for a Multiliner pen with a 0.3 mm nib having been added as a first-rate element.

Five different sets of this series are composed of especially selected colours: pastell colours, grays, hue colours and bright colours. A skin tone set as well as 3 Manga sets, with sexy illustrations of young mangakas, are completing the new range of COPIC ciao „5+1“ sets.

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